7 Quotes in Opanka- Trying Times (Official Video) that made me felt emotional

Award Winning Rapper Opanka releases Official music video for his much inspirational song “Trying Times”. The song which is part of his Elevation Ep Album talks about the pains, stress, frustrations, and hardship one may go through before attaining some level of success

or happiness.

Opanka had ever survived an accident and in the video you could see Opanka shedding tears. Sometimes life can spin us as he rapped about us not giving up in this universal. When one follows the song word by word, you will be left with no option than to feel emotional and inspired.

We picked 7 best Lines from the song and it something that happens in our daily life which we need more strength to tackle such matters. He drew attention to always remember the creator of the world.

Check the 7 Quotes below

  1. Robbers will break into your house and steal your properties, however all they leave behind is problems.
  2. We are always aiming for our goals but hardship makes us feel like an offside in football.
  3. Most people cry inside sometimes the pillow is our witness.
  4. Pray for friends that will support you in Good and Bad times.
  5. Sometimes the rate at which circumstances bring our problems together makes us to change our plans toward the future.
  6. Do not be afraid of your problems because the lord is big.
  7. God can make our hardship earn good results.

Watch Opanka -Trying Times (Official Music Video) Below.

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