First date:7 new things you should never say

first date

If your first date ever went wrong, it probably had nothing to do with the venue you chose to eat at but everything to do with the fact that the things your date talked about were not appropriate. Making it memorable is the ultimate goal.

If you happen to have an upcoming first date, do not talk about any of the below topics so that your date can be fun and enjoyable instead of gloomy.


Even when you are in a committed relationship, it’s still not always right to talk about ex-partners. So bringing them up on a first date won’t go over so well either.
The mention of ex-partners distorts the flow of conversations and sometimes bring back memories which are better left in the past. It is inappropriate during a first date.


If you are struggling to get your finances in order, letting your date know during your first day or night out can make things a bit awkward, especially when the bill comes. It should be fun centered not personal finance issues. Don’t discuss your monthly salary.
It is important to keep that out of track as far as your first date is concerned.


One understanding that has to be established is the fact that a first date is all about sharing who you are with the new person you are seeing, but make sure the conversation is even on both sides.
You need to learn who the other person is too, and not spend the entire time talking about yourself.


You should never share your bedroom taste on your first date.
Try as much as possible to hold off on sharing your bedroom desire with them until you both reach a more intimate stage, that is if you both agree to.


It is quite normal to have family issues or problems, but the first time going out with someone is usually not an appropriate time or place to bring it up. Know that every family has a problem but you are not there for that.

While you always want to be honest with someone you can see yourself in a relationship with, first dates should be fun-filled devoid of gloomy topics. Try to avoid discussing issues relating to family woes.


Talking about your timeline to have kids, get married, or even spend the future with the person you just started seeing is highly probable to put him or her off. E.g I want you to be the mother or father of my future children which is unnecessary on your first date cause you there to establish a foundation between yourself and also have fun along it.

It is proper to wait until you are in an established, romantic and committed relationship to bring these topics up.


It is said that honesty is essential in all aspects of life, especially when it comes to speaking with a partner about sexually transmitted diseases.

Even if sex does come up in your conversation on the first date, you don’t need to explain that you have one, even if you do. Until you are certain a sexual encounter is actually going to happen then you can make it clear to the person.

On the other hand, you also don’t have to ask them about their sexual health until you are both ready and in that capacity to do so.

A first date should not only be fun but also memorable and this can only happen if your conversation is devoid of inappropriate topics. First date