Ahanta West Residents Worried Over the Increasing Number of Mentally Challenged Persons On Their Streets

Some residents of the Ahanta West Municipality has expressed worry about the number of “mad” people taking over the streets in the Municipality.

In an interview with Takoradi based Connect Fm, the Ahanta West Municipal Director of Ghana Health Service Mr Timothy Kobina Ofori revealed that a total of 110 mentally challenged persons are currently roaming the streets of the municipality.

he number was known after a physical count of mentally challenged persons on the streets following numerous complaints from residents and shop owners about how they are being harassed and sometimes terrorized by these mentally challenged persons.

“It is just an eyesore,

Once you enter Ahanta West, on the streets left, right and center you will see mad people all over.

We were inundated with calls from all over about how they are terrorizing people.

Apart from that too, they have been heaping and sometime scattering refuse all over the place.” The Municipal Health Director said