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Alison Ariotti Husband: Who is Gerry Ariotti?

Alison Ariotti husband

Gerry Ariotti is an Australian anesthetist. He is well known as the husband of Alison Ariotti. His wife’s birth name is Alison Fletcher and is a journalist and news presenter. She was educated at Kingscliff High School and later graduated from Queensland University of Technology with a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) degree in 2000.

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Mrs. Ariotti’s media career began at NBN in Northern New South Wales where she worked casually as a reporter. In 2000, she was appointed to WIN News as a reporter in Cairns and later moved to WIN News on the Sunshine Coast.

She later moved back to Cairns and was appointed as chief of staff for WIN television. In October 2004, Ariotti joined the Nine Network and was appointed a reporter and producer on Nine Gold Coast News. She then moved to Brisbane in 2007 and became a reporter and producer on Nine News Queensland.

In 2009, she was appointed Queensland reporter on Today. She was replaced by Aislin Kriukelis in May 2013. In January 2014, she moved to Sydney and filled in for Wendy Kingston

on Nine News Now while on maternity leave.

In September 2014, she returned to Brisbane and was appointed co-weekend presenter for Nine News Queensland replacing Eva Milic. She also presents the Friday edition of Nine Live Queensland. As of 2018, Ariotti

presents Nine’s Afternoon News Queensland Wednesday-Friday.

Who is Alison Ariotti Husband

Gerry Ariotti is the husband of Alison Ariotti, they had their wedding in July 2011. Her husband is an anesthetist and has three children together. As of 2023, Alison and her husband Gerry reside in Queensland with their two daughters and a son.

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Gerry Ariotti net worth

The net worth of Gerry Ariotti hasn’t been revealed yet.

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