“An Unknown Person Says He Will Kill Me Before Thursday”—Kennedy Agyapong

Kennedy Agyapong

“Some People are Planning to Kill Me On Thursday”—Kennedy Agyapong disclose

Maverick Assin Central Member of Parliament Kennedy Agyapong has revealed that there is a plot in place to have him murdered on Thursday 21st January.

He said this via a phone call on his Net 2 Television show dubbed “The Seat”
Giving an account of the threat on his life, the controversial MP said he received a call from an unknown person at dawn telling him he have barely 48 hours to live and that he should prepare for they are coming for him.
He added that he prays whoever is plotting to kill him or harm his family changes his or her mind but was quick to add that he’s prepared for the worse and thus whoever want to kill him should bring it on.

He however assured listeners and viewers that he is not taking the threat on his life lightly and as he has instituted measures to protect himself and his family.
The lawmaker dared the supposed assassins to ‘bring on the fight” for he’s ready for anything.

“Next year by this time, we will be alive so that God will touch the hearts of those planning to assassinate me on Thursday and disgrace them. God would have exposed them”, he said.

“I had a call today and the message was that 4am Thursday, there will be an attack on me and my family.
I’m not moving an inch so I’m waiting for them.
I’m very alert and waiting for them because they can come at anytime, he added.