“Are these not Africa’s Gold?” People react on social media as Bank of England Gold Vault Pops Up

England Gold vault

As Poverty Deepens in Africa, Rare Pictures of the Gold Vault of Bank of England Pops Online

Series of pictures believed to be pictures of the Gold vault of Bank of England pops online.
In the trending pictures which has the Queen of England going on a routine check at the bank, one can sense a room packed with Africa’s wealth.
It is believed that the Bank has in stock more than 400,000 bars of gold estimated to be over 200 billion pounds.
England succeeded in colonizing many African countries with enormous gold deposits.
Notable among these countries is Ghana which was formally known as the Gold Coast.
The pictures and videos of the vault seems to have set in motion conversation on social media with many saying those are Golds of Africa resting in an European vault while Africa is left in abject poverty.