Balaji Srinivasan Net Worth 2021, Wife, Assets and liabilities

Balaji Srinivasan net worth

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Balaji Srinivasan is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor, and essayist. He was co-founder of Counsyl, Teleport,, and, two of which subsequently sold for more than US$100 million each. He is the former chief technology officer (CTO) of Coinbase and former general partner at Andreessen Horowitz.

Early life

NameBalaji Srinivasan
Net Worth$50 million
ProfessionEntrepreneur, Investor
Age42 years
Balaji Srinivasan net worth 2021

Balaji Srinivasan was born on May 24, 1979(age 42 years) in Long Island, in Plainview, New York. He received BS, MS, and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and an MS in Chemical Engineering, also from Stanford.


In 2007, Srinivasan co-founded genetic testing  company Counsyl, which provided tests to prospective parents to screen for Mendelian diseases. Counsyl was acquired by Myriad Genetics for $375 million in 2018.

In 2013, Srinivasan joined Andreessen Horowitz as a general partner. In April 2014, he co-founded Teleport, a search engine for digital nomads. Teleport was acquired by Topia in 2017.

In 2013, Srinivasan co-founded, a Bitcoin mining startup that failed as a bitcoin mining business but pivoted to become, which allowed senders to pay users in digital currency to reply to emails. was acquired by digital currency exchange company Coinbase in April 2018 for over $100 million. After Coinbase purchased, it became Coinbase Earn and Srinivasan became Coinbase’s first CTO. He left the company in 2019.

MIT Technology Review named Srinivasan on its list of “Innovators Under 35” in 2013. In 2018, Fortune ranked him 26th on its “The Ledger 40 Under 40” list.

In 2013, Srinivasan gave a talk at Y Combinator’s Startup School titled “Silicon Valley’s Ultimate Exit” and published “Software Is Reorganizing the World” in Wired, which advocated for the technology industry to digitally exit the United States and move abroad. The talk was received positively by Reason, Wired, and Bloomberg News, but was criticized by The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal.

In 2013, after TechCrunch published an article exploring links between Silicon Valley tech leaders and the Dark Enlightenment  movement that mentioned this speech, Srinivasan suggested doxing reporters who bring these links to the attention of the public. In an email to Curtis Yarvin, he wrote, “If things get hot, it may be interesting to sic the Dark Enlightenment audience on a single vulnerable hostile reporter to dox them and turn them inside out with hostile reporting sent to their advertisers/friends/contacts.”

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In 2017, the Trump Administration reportedly considered Balaji Srinivasan, as well as former HHS official Jim O’Neill, for appointment to FDA Commissioner. While being considered for the appointment, Srinivasan deleted all of his tweets including ones in which he criticized the FDA.

In July 2020, Srinivasan drew attention after criticizing Taylor Lorenz’s reporting alleged misbehavior of Away’s CEO on Twitter. On the Twitter thread, he suggested Lorenz and journalists like her are “sociopaths.” Lorenz defended herself and characterized Srinivasan’s previous actions as harassment on Clubhouse and other platforms.


Balaji Srinivasan is a married man with children

Balaji Srinivasan net worth

How much is Balaji Srinivasan worth? Balaji Srinivasan net worth 2021 is estimated at around $50 million. His main source of income is from his primary career as an investor. However, In April 2021, Srinivasan donated $50,000 in cryptocurrency to aid in Indian COVID-19 relief in during a resurgence of the virus in the country. On Twitter, he pledged to donate another $50 for every time his post was retweeted, up to $100,000.