Carolina Píparo Net Worth 2023, Age, Husband, Children, Family, Parents, Salary, Height

Carolina Píparo net worth

Did you know Carolina Píparo is a politician from Argentina? This piece lets you know Píparo’s net worth, parents, family, age, height, husband, children and other information you need. But then, who is Carolina?


Carolina Píparo is an Argentine politician born on 12 September 1976 (age 47 years). She is a member of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies, she was elected in 2021. Outside of politics, she is a social worker.

Píparo was born in La Plata and lived for several years in Olavarría. Her father was an engineer who worked for Loma Negra, a cement company from Olavar, and because of her position, Píparo lived in various parts of Argentina throughout her life. She graduated as a social worker from the University of Salvador and worked as an employee of the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Province of Buenos Aires.

On July 29, 2010, at the age of 33, he made the news after an assault inside a bank in which he was shot in the face. 7​ Píparo had gone to the Santander Río bank with his mother to withdraw money that she needed to deed a house. Inside this establishment was one of the criminals who observed how the bank employee gave a large sum of money to Píparo. After leaving in her vehicle, she was intercepted by a motorcycle with two men on board who assaulted her and shot her.

At that time, she was pregnant and was in the ninth month of pregnancy. After this incident, she underwent surgery on her face and the birth of her son, named Isidro Bulazi, was precipitated. Unfortunately, the baby lived only a week. In this case, the court decided that the death of her son was also part of a homicide and not an induced abortion.

As a result of this case, banks throughout the country implemented greater security measures. On May 13, 2013, the 5 accused of said crimes were sentenced to life imprisonment for attempted criminal homicide to their detriment, criminal homicide for the death of their baby Isidro, and qualified robbery for use of a weapon. fire. 7

On January 1, 2021, Píparo said he had been the victim of another assault at the hands of motorcycle jets in the city of La Plata. In this case, the deputy was not shot, although, according to her story, her wallet and cell phone were taken at gunpoint. 9 After this event, her husband Juan Ignacio Buzali pursued those allegedly responsible for the assault.

In this case, her husband ran over two motorcyclists. Due to this fact, prosecutor María Eugenia Di Lorenzo accuses Buzali of having tried to kill two motorcyclists whom she ran over. Meanwhile, the National Road Safety Agency (ANSV) requested the disqualification and suspension of her driver’s license.

A couple of hours after the fact, he declared: My husband followed them while I called 911, telling the operator which street we were going on. At one point two motorcycles joined those three motorcycles and the five of them blocked our path, we collided with one of them and three began to chase us. I don’t know how many blocks we walked until we found the police with them, behind them trying to attack us.

However, the evidence collected by the justice system contradicts everything stated by the official, which is why the lawyers of the young people who were run over announced that they would request their indictment for false testimony and failure to comply with the duties of a public official.

On February 12, 2021, La Plata criminal judge Marcela Garmendia endorsed preventive detention for Juan Ignacio Buzali after being charged with attempted double homicide. 12​ On April 26, 2021, the accused received the benefit of house arrest.

In June 2021, Píparo was accused of allegedly bribing one of the victims of the car hit by her husband. The complainant in question, a minor under 17 years of age, stated that he was taken by his lawyer to a secret meeting in a country house where Píparo offered him 2,000 Argentine pesos, a cell phone, and a pair of sneakers in exchange for silence. 14 Píparo acknowledged having offered these material goods to the young man, but she justified that she did it out of pure generosity.

On July 22, 2021, she announced that she would participate in the 2021 legislative elections, being elected as a national representative for the province of Buenos Aires alongside José Luis Espert on the Avanza Libertad list.

On March 29, 2023, he announced that he was leaving the Avanza Libertad bloc “due to incompatible political visions that have been arising in recent times” (due to Espert’s intentions for the front to be part of Together for Change ) and formed a monobloc that will be called “Buenos Aires Libre”.

Her remarkable achievements have earned her some luxurious lifestyles and some fancy car trips. She is one of the richest and most influential politicians in Argentina. Carolina Píparo stands at an appealing height of 1.68m and has a good body weight which suits her personality.

Carolina Píparo husband

As of October 2023, Carolina Píparo is married to her husband Juan Ignacio Buzali. The couple had their wedding in Argentina and together have a child, Isidro Buzali.

Carolina Píparo Salary

Carolina Píparo’s salary per month and other career earnings are over $205,000 dollars annually.

Carolina Píparo Net Worth

How much is Carolina Píparo worth? Carolina Píparo’s net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Her main source of income is from her primary work as a politician.