Duchess Camilla loses her balance leaving the church but recovers

Duchess Camilla

Duchess Camilla loses her balance leaving the church but recovers

The Queen Consort has received praise for handling a little mistake in Cardiff today with “great elegance.”

Camilla appears to get her heel trapped and trip while going with her husband King Charles III to a prayer session at Llandaff Cathedral during the monarch’s first trip to Cardiff.

While she briefly seems to be experiencing some difficulty, the Queen Consort keeps walking with her husband and smiles at passersby to let them know everything is well.

This news comes as Camilla is said to have been dealing with a fractured bone while doing her responsibilities at the King’s side.

According to The Daily Telegraph, she even sustained the injuries before the Queen passed away and has been in “quite a lot of suffering.”

She has been “getting on” with the task of supporting the King during a physically and emotionally taxing week, a source told the publication.

The insider allegedly told the newspaper, “She’s been an amazing trooper, but it’s awful timing to put it mildly.”

The video of Camilla stumbling was shared on Twitter by Chris Ship, royal editor of ITV News, with the statement, “Total class the way the Queen Consort controls this slight stumble on her way out of Llandaff Cathedral.”

Given that Camilla has been recovering from a fractured toe all week, she handled it with her trademark humour.

The Queen Consort received praise from royal followers in response to the tweet, with one writing: “She has a damaged toe?

And for the most of the previous week, she was standing up? Wow. I haven’t seen one single grimace. Amazing’.

One person applauded her for being “graceful,” while another added, “Yes, really nicely handled.”

A user commented: “I’ve come to appreciate Camilla because of her commitment to duty, no moaning, no dramas, no unrealistic expectations no matter how stressful and taxing the schedules are on their jobs.”

When the PA news agency asked the King’s spokesperson for a statement about the state of his wife, the official said, “We won’t comment on medical problems.”