“Give your bank details to your wife so she can organize a good funeral for you when you die”— Leila Djansi

Ghanaian born America based filmmaker Leila Djansi has said that it’s right for a wife to take details of her husband to organize s big funeral when the man dies.

According to her, women who are made housewives need access to their husband’s pin codes and bank details so they could draw money in case their husbands die. 

To her, it is imperative because the same money will be used in giving the husband a befitting burial and also take good care of the children the man leaves behind. 

She said in a post on Facebook

that “If you have a stay home wife, it’s vital she has all access to your bank accounts! What if you die? You want your children to starve? Your son to starve? How is she going to give you a befitting burial? Married couples
, y’all need joint accounts. Access each other’s finances”.

In the last days, social media was thrown into frenzy when Former MP for Kumbungu Ras Mubarak revealed his ex wife Rasheeda Adams was eager to get his bank pin for her parochial interest.

The issue has become topical with opinions largely divided on Ghana’s social media platforms.