Gunna Says Rappers Can Do Anything For Hits

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According to the rapper, Gunna, there are some comparisons between rappers and crackheads.

On his Twitter account on the 11th of October, Apumone reported, Gunna, the performing musician, explained how rappers and crackheads weren’t all that different from each other.

Gunna posted on his account that rappers were a lot like “crackheads” because they would do anything for a “hit.” The performing artist then went on to remain as unclear as possible, with some social media users asking who he was referring to.


Either way, this wouldn’t be the first time a rapper commented on the need for validation, attention, and clout. In fact, Cardi B and Offset, the Migos rapper, recently dropped a new song together called, “Clout,” in which they argued that people would do anything for clout.

Moreover, some hip-hop fans have argued that rap, in general, is filled with attention and clout-grabbing t actics including the idea of features.

The idea behind a feature is to grab a successful or controversial artist and include them on a song to get as much attention to the single as possible.

Furthermore, it’s supposed to be great for streaming and sales because it combines the fanbases of the artists and leads to more units being moved at the end of the day. One such example could be the inclusion of Kylie Jenner in the music video from Cardi B

and Megan Thee Stallion, “WAP.”


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As it was previously reported, Kylie Jenner came under fire after she was included in the music video for the single. In fact, some fans went so far as to start an online petition in which they demanded her removal.

Fans asked for Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion to include a different woman instead, such as another black, female, recording artist, rather than just a social media star.


Cardi B, on the other hand, appeared unbothered by the criticism because she later came out to thank Kylie for appearing in the video. Whether fans liked it or not, there’s no question that Kylie’s inclusion played a role in the popularity of the single.