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How to make money on Opera News Hub Writing

make money on Opera News Hub


Opera News is an American Classical Magazine. Opera started as a music magazine but later diverted to include many niches. It has been published since 1936 by the Metropolitan Opera Guild, an non-profit organization located at Lincoln Center which was founded to engender the appreciation of Opera and also support  the Metropolitan Opera of New York City. Find out how to make money on Opera news hub below.

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Who is the Owner of Opera News?

On July 18, 2016, Opera Software ASA announced it had sold it’s browser, privacy, performance apps, and the Opera Brand to Golden Brick Capital Private Equity Fund Limited ( a consortium of Chinese

investors led by Beijing Kunlun Tech Corporation and Qihoo 360) for an amount of US$600 million.

Steps on How to get more clicks, followers and Engagements on Opera News Hub.

  • Make use of Captivating titles or topics.
  • Write a reasonable topics.
  • Viral Content.
  • Avoid Copy and Pasting.
  • Follow up the top dog’s of Opera News Hub.

What do we mean about the above points?

1. Make use of Captivating titles or topics.

People are there to read stuffs so with a good heading, you can attract a lot of visitors to click on your article.

2. Write a reasonable topics.

Yes, Users will be seeking to gain some informative, educative, and entertaining knowledge after clicking you title. So putting our a more user benefit content will help retain your users and gain more visitor as well as sharing your post.

3. Viral Content.

Yes, Viral Content, Most often we tend to seek answers on viral issues, so answering a viral content can help your users to trust your source because they get the answers to their queries always.

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4. Avoid Copy and Pasting.

Writing original content will not just help you but also it inform search engines to rank your article first. Publishers tend to link to original content then copy and paste. So try as much as possible to write original articles. Users don’t like such stuffs because why don’t they go to the source rather than a copy and post hub.

So How much Opera News Pay?

Based on Opera News Hub

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calculation, you can know your earnings through the following: For every single click your post you will earn $0.036. You will earn $36 for every one thousand click i.e. 1000x 0.036=36. You will earn additional money if your content gets engagements i.e. sharing and comments.

 How do i get paid on Opera News Hub?

Steps to Make money on Opera News Hub

Step 1. Create an account

Step 2. Confirm Login

Step 3. Add account information

Step 4. Add Author information

Step 5. Open you Palmplay account

Step 6. Link your Palmpay Virtual card to Opera News Hub.

Note: Palmpay is an app on playstore/apple store.

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