I will take him to Antoa for stealing My Song- Offricial Kay Gii shows evidence

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There are always been cases where popular artists take advantage of upcoming acts songs because they don’t have the proper managerial team. One artist who have fallen victim of such behaviors is Offricial Kay Gii.

Offricial Kay Gii who is currently signed to Next T Empire owned by Emmanuel Phones CEO is based in Jaman South and has appeared in many entertainment shows on radio and Tv shows as well as performed across t he Bono Region has revealed that he is left with no option than to used Antoa to address his song theft.

Offricial Kay Gii said when he heard (Didi Me Botom) by Ypee on November 2020, he was surprised and quickly reached out to Ypee management to acknowledge his efforts but they refused to respond to him and even threaten to arrest him if he continues bordering them(Ypee).

I recorded “Didi Me Botom” in April, 2019 and sent my version to Ypee for a remix but he was demanding money from me which at that time I couldn’t afford because I had no management at that time and I was schooling too.

Luckily enough is I posted short version of “Didi Me Botom” on my Istagram handle on April 5, 2019. That is my main evidence and if he fails to acknowledge me then I will use Antoa deity to solve this matter because when Ogidi Brown took Fameye there he confessed and the case was settled so I am also ready to settle it that way.

The Video Offricial Kay Gii is showing as Evidence


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Checks on the said post on his Instagram page actually showed that it was posted on 12th April and 5th May, 2019. And Checks on Ypee ft Oseikrom Sikani- Didi Me Bottom official Viral Video was premiered on 18th November, 2020. The Audio was first upload on YouTube on 9th October, 2020.

Offricial Kay Gii earlier released date was 12th April, 2019. Below is a screenshot.

Even my latest Song Am Calling is being used by some artist but I have told them to desist from it if not I will sue them for Copyright infringements. Ypee is yet to make a public comment.