Incredible Zigi Net Worth 2021, Age, Awards, Girlfriend

Incredible Zigi net worth

Incredible Zigi is a Ghanaian dancer, dance coach and choreographer. He is a co-founder of the dance school, AfroZig academy. In 2021, he and his crew performed at the annual Ghana Dance Industry awards(GhaDI Awards).

Early life

Incredible Zigi who real name is Amofa Michael was born on October 17, 1994(age 26 years) in Accra, Ghana.

Incredible Zigi Biography

NameIncredible Zigi
Net Worth$50,000
Age26 years
Incredible Zigi biography

Dance career

Michael began dancing professionally in 2003, on the streets of Accra.

His career began with the help of his brother, who gave him the opportunity to travel and participate in dance workshops.

He is credited to have created the PILOLO and KUPE dance steps as elements in Afrobeats/Azonto. Musicians such as Janet Jackson have infused these dance steps in their choreography and have performed them on tour and in their videos. The KUPE dance was featured on the NBA 2K20 by the game developers Visual Concepts. Michael is noted for his dance challenges on social media.

Dance inventions

Kupe – Kupe Dance is a song by Ghanaian-UK-based artist A-Star. But Michael is credited to have created the KUPE dance steps. 

Pilolo – Pilolo dance was created by Michael and became a hit in New York City with Janet Jackson performing Pilolo at the end of her performance “Made for Now” on “The Tonight Show” starring Jimmy Fallon. The name Pilolo was borrowed from a hide and seek game popular among Ghanaian kids. 

Ena – Ena’, is a popularly used Akan language conjunction which translates to English as “And”. Michael Started the Ena Dance in 2019 and it is known for going viral on social media within weeks.

Incredible Zigi net worth

How much is Incredible Zigi worth? Incredible Zigi net worth is $50,000 as of 2021 which is approximately 290,000 Ghana cedis. His main source of income is from his dance career. He is one of the richest dancers in Ghana under 30.