Juan Rivera Wife

Juan Rivera wife

Juan Rivera wife: Juan Rivera may be a singer and actor best known for his surname. Juan, Jenni Rivera, Lupillo Rivera, Rosie Rivera, and Chiquis Rivera are members of the Rivera family, which incorporates singers and businesspeople.

Jenni was one of all of them, and he or she had lots of success together with her music and other endeavours. She is additionally a successful entrepreneur, television producer, speechifier, and philanthropist. Various tabloids, including Billboard and also the big apple Times, dubbed her the best-selling female artist in regional Mexican music and therefore the most influential female figure.

Unfortunately, the talented artist died during a plane crash in Mexico on December 9, 2012. Even after her untimely death, Jenni is remembered fondly for all of her contributions to Mexican music. While Jenni has kept the Rivera cognomen alive and well, the identical can’t be said for her brother, Juan. He has been arrested several times and has spent 20 years in prison.

Juan was arrested for drug possession when he was 17 years old in February 1995. His time in jail was traumatic, and he became suicidal as a result. a number of the horrors he witnessed were the dehumanization of prisoners. for instance, the cooks spat and urinated on food to humiliate and degrade the inmates.

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Because it had been difficult for him to survive in such an environment, the singer considered suicide. However, he pulled himself together and made the most effective of his situation. He focused on his education and graduated from high school. Juan then earned a degree in Communication Sciences from the University of California, Long Beach.

He was arrested again some years after being released from prison. This time, he was imprisoned for illegally carrying firearms, which resulted in twenty years in prison. Juan struggled with alcoholism as a result of all the traumas and chaos in his life. He began drinking at the age of 15, and by the age of 30, the singer realized he had developed an addiction.

Regardless, while the singer was in and out of prison, he was always among one person: his wife, Brenda. Juan refers to his wife Brenda as “the woman who changed his life.”

Brenda Rivera met the singer when she was 17 years old, and she or he has since changed his life for the higher. Brenda became pregnant with their first child just six months after they began dating and some days before Juan was arrested.

Their relationship was rocky for the primary few years, but they persevered. Instead, they handled matters, and Juan evolved to be a stronger partner for Brenda. The couple married in 2017 after being together for over twenty years. the stunning ceremony was small and intimate, with only close friends and family present.

The couple married during the golden hour, with tears in their eyes and heartfelt vows, with the singer’s older brother, Pedro, serving because the wedding minister. Currently, the couple lives happily in California with their four children. Juan is concentrating on his music career and striving to stay his sister’s legacy alive.