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kais saied net worth

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Kais Saied is a Tunisian politician, he is the 7th and current President of Tunisia.

He has been described as “the most impressive and among the repressive” jurist in the country. Kais Saied is among the richest presidents in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Kais Saied net worth and Biography

Kais Saied was born on 22nd February 1958, the second president who was not an heir to the legacy of the country’s founding president.

Kais Saied is married to Ichraf Chebil and they have 3 children together, namely Sarah, Mouna, and Amrou.


He began his secondary education at Sadiki College. Kais is a graduate of the University of Tunis International Institute of Humanitarian Law. He is a Jurist and Lecturer by Profession and also secretary-general of the Tunisian Association of Constitutional law between 1990 and 1995.

Kais Saied is a former Director of the Public law Department at the University of Sousse from 1994 to 1999. he also worked at the Faculty of Juridical, Political, and Social Sciences of the University of Carthage in Tunisia from 1999 to 2019.

Kais is of the group of experts of the General Secretariat of the Arab League between 1989 and 1990, having rich knowledge in Arabic Human Rights.


kais saied net worth
Kais Saied-President of Tunisia

Saied was a diplomatic expert in charge of the revising of the draft Tunisian Constitution in 2014. he served as a member of the scientific council of several institutions’ academic commissions.

He was once a visiting professor to many Arab Universities, his refusal to be part of the commission of legal experts to provide legal solutions to the problem of the Independent High Authority for Election won many applauds.

Kais Saied retired in 2018 to focus on his political ambition to become President, and he won the 2019 Presidential election in a second. Read on as we bring you Kais Saied net worth.

The current President of Tunisia participated in many political clubs from 2013 to 2014, the aim was to bring together young voters in the country.

Many Tunisians fell in love with his ambitions and quest to become president of the country, and this leads to the formation of the Mouassissoun Movement to back his actions.

Kais Saied was one the first to be declared as presidential candidates toward t he 2019 election. he was contesting as an Independent Social Conservative. Kais’s promises and manifesto was aim t the younger generation.


One of his major policies campaign promises included support for allowing citizens to recall their elected officials, he advocated to voters that many of Tunisia’s recent issues were lack of respect for Constitutional laws, his roadmap of combating corruption, whether “moral or financial” was supported by both Islamist and Leftist.

In June 2019 interview with the newspaper Archaraa Al Magharibi, Saied announced his support for the Death penalty, he also stated categorically that homosexuality, or rather it’s a public declaration, is backed by foreign countries.

I was told certain houses were rented

by foreign parties. Homosexual has existed

throughout, but certain people want to

spread it(Homosexuality).

Several Media houses in Tunisia referred to Kais Saied as the “CaptainTunisia”, given his wearisome speech, his use of Standard Arabic rather than Tunisian dialect, and his focus on Law and Order issues. he is often portrayed as the man of the people.

When the first round of the election ended, Saied pulled 620,711 votes in the 2019 presidential election. he came in the first place and this lead to the second round to face Karoui and he eventually won.

Kais Saied was declared on 14th October 2019 as the new President of Tunisia after winning the second round with 72.71% of the vote casted. This made him to be the second President who is not from the founding president of Tunisia, Habib Bourguibi camp.

He was given two months to create a coalition and was sworn in as Tunisia’s President on 23rd October 2019. Kais Saied is the first president born after the country gained independence from France in 1956.

Awards Won

  • The collar of the Order of Independence
  • Grand Cordon of the Order of the Republic
  • Grand Cordon of the National Order of Merit of Tunisia
  • Algeria awarded him, Collar of National Order of Merit(February 2020)

With all these Achievements, one may be tempted to ask“What is Kais Saied Net Worth?

  • Annual Income:$428,175.00
  • Monthly:$35,681.00
  • Weekly:$8234.13
  • Daily:$1646.83

Kais Saied net worth is estimated at $5.6million dollars, this has made Kais Saied to be one of the richest men in Tunisia.