Kwasi Kyei Darwkah-Africans with English names are mentally enslaved

Kwasi Kyei Darwkah

Celebrated Broadcaster Kwasi Kyei Darwkah popularly known as KKD says it’s time for the people of Ghana bearing English names emancipated themselves from mental slavery.

To him, bearing an English name as an African is an indication that regardless of the fact that slavery ended so many years ago, the whites still have an influence in the lives of Africans.

KKD believes that the Europeans who were colonial masters forced English names on the people of Africa in an attempt to wipe the African culture out and therefore bearing an English name is an indication of the fact that the Europeans are still in control.

Kwasi Kyei Darwkah

“Are our names so evil? Are they so bad that because you want to go to church, somebody has to change your name? I don’t understand it. So I insisted on using Kwasi Kyei Darwkah to make a statement that the first name is not English, the middle name is not English and the last names certainly not English,” he said.

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“Emancipate yourself from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds.
Africans with English names are mentally enslaved – KKD

Think of your ancestors who were whipped on the back and forced to accept another man’s names. Why then in freedom do I still want to fall into that trap and call myself by another man’s name. Whatever they do elsewhere, we can do same here but we don’t have to be like them because we are we and they are they,” he said while singing Bob Marley’s song, ‘Redemption Song’.