Kyle Cochran Net Worth

Kyle Cochran net worth

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NameKyle Cochran
Net Worth$500,000
Age35 years

Kyle Cochran is a Type-1 Diabetic who w as diagnosed with diabetes at age 5. He is from San Diego, California, and is a Cheer Coach. He also competed in 4 American Ninja Warrior tournaments. In American Ninja Warrior 4 he placed 5th in the Northwest Regional Finals, qualifying for the National Finals in Las Vegas as a rookie. However, he failed the Spin Bridge in the First Stage.

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In American Ninja Warrior 5, he conquered the Quintuple Steps, Frame, Domino Hill, and the Floating Chains, but failed the Flying Nunchucks when he slipped off the second set of handholds and he hit the water, which caused Jessie Graff to move onto the finals as the first woman to do so.

He returned back in American Ninja Warrior 6 and make it into the Venice Finals. There, he easily cleared the first 6 obstacles and the Salmon Ladder, however on the new obstacle, Cannonball Alley, he tried to swing to the platform, but couldn’t and failed. But that was enough to make to Vegas and in Vegas, he cleared the Silk Slider, which took out many Venice Finishers, but eventually went out on the Half Pipe Attack when his feet hit the water.

In American Ninja Warrior 7, he competed in Venice again and was the first runner of the season. However, he failed the second obstacle, the Mini Silk Slider (a mini version of the Silk Slider he was able to clear in Vegas last year), much to the shock of everyone. It marked his last time competing on American Ninja Warrior, as he was among the many veterans that weren’t called back for season 8.


Kyle Cochran is married to longtime girlfriend Jessica. They had their wedding in December 23, 2014. Their marriage is blessed with twins, two lovely girls maned Scout and River.

Kyle Cochran net worth

How much is Kyle Cochran worth? Kyle Cochran net worth is estimated at around $500,000. He has a dog named Leeloo, they spend most time together and play around in their house in California.