Latest football news: Germany wants Belarus off Euro 2024

Germany has asked Uefa to remove Belarus from Euro 2024 due to the country’s support for Russia, an interior ministry official said on Friday.

In a letter to Uefa president Aleksandr Ceferin, German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser also requested the suspension of Russian and Belarus officials, according to a Spiegel story confirmed by a ministry spokesman.

As a result of Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Europe’s soccer governing body has thus far disqualified only Russia.

According to Spiegel, Faeser stated that “not only Russia, which is conducting a war in violation of international law, but also Belarus, which is a significant backer of the Russian leadership, should be removed from all international football matches and competitions.”

She added that the sporting world must “live up to its responsibility and take a unified stand against this disdain for human rights.”

The appeal from Germany occurred as the tournament’s qualification draw for the 9th of October in Frankfurt approaches.

Germany will be the single host for the 2024 finals, unlike the Euro 2020 finals, which were held in 11 locations throughout the continent and postponed by a year owing to the Covivirus-19 epidemic.

Ten German venues, including Berlin’s renowned Olympic Stadium and Munich’s Allianz Arena, which holds 66,000 for internationals and is the home of Bundesliga winners Bayern Munich, will host matches.

After hosting three Euro 2020 group.

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