Latest news- Sean Patrick Lynch guilty of indecent assault in Brisbane

Latest news- Sean Patrick Lynch guilty of indecent assault in Brisbane

As a successful mental coach, Sean Patrick Lynch worked with golfers like as Jason Day, a former world number one.

Successful mind coach Sean Patrick Lynch used his skills to groom a gifted young golfer.

The Brisbane District Court heard that Lynch also utilized his abilities to train a talented golfer.

In Queensland, Lynch, 68, was dubbed “king of the kids” for his role as a golf instructor.

As a mind coach, Lynch was able to influence a girl into initiating a “secret relationship” and convince her not to reveal it with anybody, even her family, according to testimony presented in court.

During the two-week trial, crown prosecutor Chris Cook told the jurors, “He is a successful mind coach with Jason Day and all these other well-known figures.”

“He was able to convince (the girl) not to notify her family about the incident.

Sean Patrick Lynch worked with the likes of former world No.1 golfer Jason Day
Successful mental coach Sean Patrick Lynch honed the abilities of a talented young golfer.

She remained silent because she had faith that whatever Mr. Lynch did was in her best interests.

During one alleged incident, Lynch reportedly told her, “He was glad it was over, but it would help her golf so much.”

From April 2017 until December 2019, Lynch was accused of winning the girl’s trust before participating in several indecent actions.

Mr. Cook stated that Lynch communicated with the girl via text messages and phone calls, escalating to “dirty talk” and showed her pornographic images.

Occasionally, she would even stay in the downstairs guest room of his Brisbane residence with his family.

Text messages between Lynch and the girl were displayed in court.

In one interaction, the girl characterized something as “wonderful,” to which Lynch replied, “exactly like yourself.”

Lynch described it as a “natural response” when asked if this was an instance of his grooming.

“To a 13-year-old girl?” Mr Cook inquired.

“In my world, yes,” Lynch responded.

In a separate text, the girl called Lynch “sexy.”

“You didn’t inform her at any point that this conversation between a man in his sixties and a child of 13 is inappropriate?” Mr Cook inquired.

“No,” Lynch answered.

The youngster went to the police in December 2019 after sadly disclosing her secret to her family.

“She was sobbing uncontrollably,” the girl’s grandfather testified in court.

She did add that Sean had forced her to pretend it was her fault, which is why she was afraid to notify her family.

She called Lynch after speaking with police, who taped the call.

The jury listened to a clip of the call in which the girl asked Lynch if she remembered one of the lewd acts.

“We didn’t take that too far. Lynch stated, “I was weak; all that has transpired, can we just forget about it?”

The child responded with tears, “But I cannot.”

Lynch pled not guilty to eleven counts.

Sean Patrick Lynch collaborated with golfers such as former world No. 1 Jason Day.

The jury which began deliberations on Thursday morning, found Lynch guilty on five charges of indecent treatment of a child under the age of 16 who was in the care of an adult.

In addition, he was found guilty of child exploitation and one count of indecent treatment of a minor.

After the jury was ordered back to deliberate late Friday afternoon, four of the guilty convictions were reached by a majority vote.

Lynch was found not guilty of possessing child exploitation material and three additional counts of indecently treating a child under the age of 16.

In November, he will be sentenced by Judge Vicki Loury.