My Brother Took Advantage Of Lockdown to Snatch My Fiancé I was about Marrying”— Man Cries



A story of how a man based in Ghana lost his fiancé to his brother in Togo has taken over social media.

The original story shared by Hitz Fm which is scheduled to be discussed on the late night chat show tonight, the man who didn’t give his name said his girlfriend left Ghana to Togo to buy their wedding decor materials only for his brother at Togo to snatch her from him.

Read the full story below and make your own judgment:

Dear Tima, my fiance’ told me she wanted our wedding to be the talk of town so she had ordered decor materials from togo where my big brother currently works,tima our wedding was due in december last year so she left ghana in march before the lockdown but unfortunately immediately she got there the lockdown was called, she was safe at my brothers until she started ignoring my calls which i didnt understand but kept my cool ,i complained to my brother and he told me that he doesn’t know why but he was going to talk to her ,Tima he also never got back ,now after 3 months i started getting worried so i called my brother with a strange number and my wife picked up and told me her boyfriend is in the bathroom i was so shocked i ended the line and decided to go to togo myself but due to my work it took me two months to finally get the chance to go there so that was in august hhhmmmm tima i already knew my brothers house so as soon as i got to togo i didn’t even bother calling both of them, i just took a car straight to the house and lo and behold i met my fiance and my brother in bed seriously making out, i just couldn’t believe my eyes ,so i just called them and returned back to ghana ,tima those times was a hell for me ,i just couldn’t come to terms that a woman I’ve dated for 4years and was about to marry could do this
I don’t know how to explain this tima i was shocked, disappointed and frustrated. She later called to apologize but i turned her down because she was still at my brothers place can you imagine?

Tima, i want to know if turning her down was the right thing to do or there was another way to go about it? Because i’ve lost trust but still love her what should i do?