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Myles Sanderson: Does the Saskatchewan stabbing suspect has a Wikipedia profile?

Myles Sanderson

Myles Sanderson is the suspect in a stabbing exploit in Canada that left 10 humans dead and 19 injured. It has been reported that the suspect has died after being arrested by police. Myles Sanderson who is at age 32, experienced “medical distress” after the arrest on a motorway in the province of Saskatchewan following a high-speed chase and died later, police say.

The police gave no information about Myles Sanderson’s cause of death. However, an unnamed official earlier said that Sanderson died of self-inflicted injuries. Ten people who were stabbed remain in hospital and three are in critical condition.

It is not clear what prompted Myles Sanderson on Sunday’s to commit mass killings which encompassed 13 separate crime scenes. Both suspects – Myles Sanderson and his brother Damien, 31 – are dead.

Most of those killed in the rampage – and the suspects themselves – were from the James Smith Cree Nation, an indigenous community. The Candian Police found Damien’s body on Monday and are investigating whether his brother killed him.

When the Police chased Sanderson he drove at speeds of 150km/h (93mph). They forced his vehicle into a ditch and officers found a knife in the SUV as they arrested him, said the police chief. He was taken into custody at around 15:30 local time (21:30 GMT) and taken to a hospital in Saskatoon, where he was pronounced dead, The police commander of the operation added.

About the information of the capture of Myles Sanderson which came soon after an alert was sent to Canadian mobile phone users warning people near the town of Wakaw to “seek immediate shelter/shelter in place” because a man armed with a knife had been seen driving a stolen white Chevrolet Avalanche in the area.

CBC News reports that Sanderson had broken into a woman’s rural property at around 14:00 local time on Wednesday. The woman spotted Sanderson walking up to her front door, so she locked it and took refuge in a bathroom in her bedroom, her son told the Canadian broadcaster.

Myles Sanderson kicked down the front door and went into the bedroom, telling the woman he would not hurt her and asking her to come with him, but she refused, according to her son. The suspect took the woman’s car keys, along with her mobile phone, water and a soft drink and cigarettes, the son said. The woman called the police through a landline reports CBC.