Serdar Tatlı resigns from Central Arbitration Board position

Serdar Tatlı

Serdar Tatlı, the chairman of the Central Arbitration Board, resigned after Metin Tokat, the vice-chairman. The Turkish Football Federation did not make a statement about whether it accepted the resignation or not, but Tatlı resigned.

Former referee Deniz Çoban announced that Serdar Tatlı has resigned by sending an SMS to the referees. Tatlı’s message included the following statements: “As the Central Arbitration Board, we have submitted our resignation to the TFF Board of Directors as of today.

We wish you all good health and success in your future life.”

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MHK management, whose member Metin Tokat resigned the previous day, consisted of Serdar Tatlı, as well as Erol Ersoy, Kadir Tozlu, Mahmut Çetiner, Mustafa Kamil Abitoğlu, Hikmet Öksüzoğlu, Ahmet Erdoğan, Nedim Göklü and Ferhat Gündoğdu.

Serdar Tatlı is a former Turkish referee, he was born on January 24, 1966 (age 55 years) in Turkey.