Sergino Dest net worth 2021,updated biography

Sergino Dest net worth

What is Sergino Dest net worth?

Sergino Dest is an American professional soccer player who is widely admired for his incredible ability to defend and attack at high speed.

He is also loved by many soccer fans for the way he often plays for his team by swiftly waving past opponents at full speed. Over the years, He has plied his trade across different clubs, leaving his impact on all of them.

Sergino Dest has now signed for FC Barcelona, a Spanish professional football club considered to be one of the top-performing LA LIGA clubs at the moment.

This is going to change Sergino Dest net worth as compared to his former club Ajax Fc worth. He has become one of the favourites of football fans who are often in wonderment of his skilful displays.


Sergino Dest Early life.

Sergino Dest Was born on the 3rd day of November in the year 2000. He was born in Almere City, Netherland. It was there that he also spent the majority of his childhood. Dest was born to a Surinamese-American father and a Dutch mother.

His parents have all supported his football career. The interesting part is that Sergino Dest’s father and mother are football lovers. Apparently, being soccer fans themselves,

Dest’s parent must have influenced him in choosing to play the game as a career. He picked interest in playing soccer from early age and also moved around quite a lot as a kid.

According to reports, his father lived in United States of America and he often visits him but due to his footballing career he has to stay with his mother in Almere City, Netherlands. Also, during the mid-2000’s, he lived in Almere City and actively played for Almere City FC youth academy.


when he was just 9 years old, Sergino Dest got signed by Almere City in 2009 and was assigned to their youth academy. He showed progressed through the youth academy.

He was consequently transfer to Jong Ajax Youth academy in 2012. He showed potentials and quickly progressed through the youth academy. He was consequently promoted to the senior team when he was 17 years in 2018.

During his first season with the senior team, Sergino Dest played few games with the team and was featured sparingly. However, he showed good skills and was influential in the team defending tactically after his debut as a right-back.

He went on to do alot more exploits for the club in his first season. In the second season with Ajax, Dest involvement with the team increased dramatically and he became a mainstay in the Ajax team that won the 2019 Johan Cruyff Shield.

His involvement in this victory earned him enormous respect among fans.

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After having a sterling season for the First team football at Ajax, Sergino Dest left the Club and moved to FC Barcelona, signing with the La-Liga side in September of 2020.

His transfer was worth a massive €25 million and made him one of the most expensive American soccer play of all time. Sergino Dest net worth at Almere his former club is undisclosed but after progressing to Ajax fc many fans are wondering of Sergino Dest net worth.

International Career

Sergino Dest net worth

Sergino Dest has appeared and defended at every youth level for his country. He is on record to have played for the United States at the Under-17, as well as the Under-20 levels.

In fact, he happened to have been the right-back of the US national team that played at the 2019 FIFA U20 world cup. Sergino Dest was finally called to the senior team in 2019 Concacaf Nations league group stage match on November 15th at the Exploria Stadium in Orlando.

Sergino Dest net worth increased because of playing time.

When he was 19 years old. He is one of the youngest American to play for the US national team. Over the years, he has become very influential in the Ajax team before he left to join FC Barcelona in 2020. With all this achievements as a youngster, one might be tempted to ask what is Sergino dest net worth.

Read on as we unreveal Sergino Dest net worth from Ajax and his newly signed club Fc Barcelona.

Awards Us Soccer Athlete of the year 2019

AFC Ajax Talent of the year 2020

Sergino Dest’s net worth

There is no doubt at all that Sergino Dest has been able to rake in quite a lot of money over the years during his footballing career.

He is one the most expensive American footballer, having signed with FC Barcelona for €21 million.

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His salary at Barcelona is not known yet, however, his annual salary with Ajax FC was pegged at €500,000.

According to different sources, he is currently worth about €21 million. Sergino Dest is more popular among football fans after joining FC Barcelona. Th is signing is going to increase Sergino Dest net worth.

Sergino Dest girlfriend

Dest is now famous in Barcelona and lots of details about his life are in the public domain. However, the one thing that is not quite certain about him are information about who he is dating.

Christian has been a very private person and has kept mute on whether or not he has a girlfriend.

A quick look through his instagram page show that the footballer has been posing with a particular girl whose identity remains unknown. Se fans have suggested that she may be his girlfriend.

However, there is no concrete evidence to prove this as Sergino Dest has not said anything about it. It is expected that with time more details about his private life will come to fore.

Like most athletes, Sergino Dest is a handsome man with a great body build and fans love him for this. How tall is Sergino Dest? The footballer now stands 5feet 7inches or 1.73m in height, in addition to this, he weighs about 62kg.