Tracey Boakye “Teases” Followers With her customized Swimming Pool

Actress Tracey Boakye has teased her followers on social Media with a glimpse of a new swimming pool under construction in her newly acquired home.

The controversial actress who made the news for moving from her east Legon house shared today shared a short video of a swimming pool under construction which has her name “Tracey Widely Customized at the base of the pool.

Ever since she has the infamous beef with Mzbel, Tracey has always flaunt her assets on social media. However the man behind all these luxuries remains unknown as Ghanaians are yet to know who exactly was the “Papa No”

People have raised question about Her source of income and if the houses she show off on social media are hers or rented properties but perhaps this video will bring a closure to the matter for it is not easy to have your pool customized with your name if the property is not yours

Customized Pool of Tracey Boakye