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Victoria Villarruel net worth

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Victoria Villarruel is an Argentine politician, lawyer, and activist who is a member of the Democratic Party. She has been described as an ultraconservative politician. She is one of the signatories of the Madrid Charter, a document led by the Spanish far-right political party Vox.

Villarruel is the founder and president of the self-styled civil association which in English, translates to the Center for Legal Studies on Terrorism (CELTYV). A member of the Argentine Chamber of Deputies since 2021, she is the running mate of Javier Milei for the position of vice president in the 2023 Argentine general election under the Libertad Avanza political coalition.

Early life

NameVictoria Villarruel
Net Worth$2 million
Age48 years
Victoria Villarruel net worth

Victoria Eugenia Villarruel was born on April 13, 1975 (age 48 years) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is the daughter of Argentine parents. . Her grandfather was a historian who was employed by the Argentine Navy; according to her, he survived four guerrilla bombings. Her father was a high-ranked Argentine Army member. In 2008, she took a course in Inter-Agency Coordination and Combating Terrorism at the William J. Perry Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies, a U.S. Department of Defense institution based at the National Defense University in Washington, D.C.


Victoria Villarruel has lectured on human rights and the victims of terrorism in many countries around the world, including the United States, Norway, Spain, Italy, France, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru, and Mexico. She has also been interviewed by The Wall Street Journal, the Spanish newspaper ABC, and many other major world media.

Speaking at the Oslo Freedom Forum in 2011, Villarruel challenged what she described as the official history of modern Argentina. According to that history, terrorism took place more or less exclusively during the Dirty War, when the nation was under a military junta; Villarruel’s point of view was that organized terrorism also occurred between 1973 and 1976 when it had a democratic government.

She postulated that the two major Argentine guerrilla groups of that era, the People’s Revolutionary Army and Montoneros, had links with the Castro regime in Cuba and with the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), with at least one of the groups training Islamists in the Middle East and supplying the PLO with weapons that were used in deadly attacks on Israel.

Victoria Villarruel said that this history was later covered up by the Kirchner government, that the terrorists of the 1970s went on to enjoy the Kirchners’ protection, and that many of those former terrorists held positions of responsibility in the Argentine establishment, citing civil servants or journalists. In her talk, Villarruel also accused the Kirchner government of acting in complicity with Iran.

Los otros muertos, Villarruel’s 2014 book focusing on Argentine conflicts, presented methodological errors; she included 84 N.N., victims dated before the foundation of the groups she denounces as terrorists, victims of other groups like the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance, and did not differentiate between civilian deaths and military casualties.

According to Villarruel, the majority of their crimes had in fact been committed during the three years of democracy immediately prior to the 1976 military coup. Because of her criticism of the terrorists and of their rehabilitation, she has been accused of defending the Dirty War. According to Villarruel, she received numerous threats and consequently is obliged to take extensive precautions.

In 2020, Villarruel signed the Madrid Charter, a document drafted by the far-right Spanish party Vox that describes left-wing groups, such as the São Paulo Forum and the Puebla Group, as enemies of Ibero-America and accuses them of engaging in “a criminal project under the umbrella of the Cuban regime” that “seeks to destabilize liberal democracies and the state of law”.

Villaruel is the running mate of Javier Milei in the 2023 Argentine general election. She supports civil unions but not same-sex marriage in Argentina, and disagrees with Milei on questions like organ trade legalization, on the grounds that the human body is not good; their differences of views have been explained as philosophical issues due to Milei’s economist background.

They also held different views on the Argentine military dictatorship. While Milei publicly expressed that he is not a defender of it, Villaruel is the daughter of military personnel and engages in historical revisionist accounts of the dictatorship.

On social issues, while she is favorable to civil unions for same-sex couples, she is opposed to same-sex marriage. She has defended the National Reorganization Process and has engaged in revisionist accounts of the military junta. Those stances garnered controversy and criticism, and accuses of Argentine state terrorism denial.

In a 2011 interview, Villarruel asserted that opposition politicians in Argentina avoided speaking about the victims of 1970s terrorism. She engaged in some forms of historical denialism and said that CELTYV had managed to identify by name 13,074 victims of terrorists, of which 1,010 were assassinated, and added that this figure was only preliminary.

After the end of the Kirchner era in early 2016, Villarruel continued to criticize the presidencies of Néstor Kirchner and his wife, Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, alleging that they defended left-wing terrorists, and engaged in whataboutism regarding victims of terrorism to deflect from those of the junta.

She said: “For the past twelve years, the Kirchner governments have glorified the armed struggle of the guerrillas. In Argentina, if you don’t support the guerrillas, people assume you support the dictatorship.” As a result of her controversial statements, critics accused her of trying to rewrite the history of the military dictatorship and of whitewashing the junta, charges that she denied.


Is Victoria Villarruel married? Victoria Villarruel has no husband or children as of October 2023. She was previously in a relationship with Marco Lobo but they later separated.

Victoria Villarruel net worth

How much is Victoria Villarruel worth? Victoria Villarruel net worth is estimated at around $2 million. Her main source of income is from her primary work as a politician. Victoria Villarruel’s salary per month and other career earnings are over $285,000 dollars annually. Her remarkable achievements have earned her some luxurious lifestyles and some fancy car trips. She is one of the richest and most influential politicians in Argentina. Victoria Villarruel stands at an appealing height of 1.71m and has a good body weight which suits her personality.