Who is Amanda Andrzejewski? Age, Husband, Height

Amanda Andrzejewski

Who is Amanda Andrzejewski?

Amanda Andrzejewski was born on March 5, 1989 (age 33 years) and is a volunteer and traveler, but best recognized publicly for being the wife of performance coach and motivational speaker Jairek Robbins. Her husband Jairek Robbins is known for his fame in the motivational industry and the biological son of an American life coach, self-help author, and motivational speaker Tony Robbins.

The Riches of Amanda Andrzejewski

As of mid-2022, Amanda Andrzejewski’s net worth is estimated to be over $2 million, earned through a successful career as a travel blogger. Amanda Andrzejewski stands with an appealing height and has a good bodyweight that suits her personality.

While she’s earned good pay from her work, she probably benefits from the success of her husband too, as Jairek Robbins has a net worth estimated to be over $10 million.

Early Life, Education, and Career

Amanda Andrzejewski

grew up in the United States, and at a young age set her sights on a career. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at the university, where she took up a degree. After completing her degree, she began working as a traveler and volunteer.

Husband – Jairek Robbins

Jairek Robbins was born in California. His father Tony Robbins worked as an author, coach, speaker, and philanthropist while he also had l ineage within the performing in TV shows. He grew up alongside Sister Jolie Jenkins who would pursue vastly different interests. His family later moved and settled in Santa Monica, where he graduated from the University of San Diego with a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology.

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Jairek Robbins then pursued an interest in performance coaching and motivational works, following the encouragement of his father.

Amanda Andrzejewski
Amanda Andrzejewski and her husband Jairek Robbins

Personal Life

Amanda Andrzejewski married Jairek Robbins in 2014, and the two have been together since. Jairek recalls a time when they spoke for 4.5hrs after meeting for the first time during a friend party in San Diego. Just after he had moved to welcome a friend, he was introduced to Amanda. The two met during a party in San Diego during the party and dated for some time. The couple has a child a son together.