Who is the owner of Shannons Insurance?

Shannons Insurance

We bring you who is the owner of Shannons Insurance company. In this article, you will get to know the owners of Shannons Insurance, their products and other services as well as other information you need to know.

Shannons Insurance is one of the leading insurance companies in Australia as well as for vehicle lovers and it’s Shannons Auctions is Australia’s leading auction house for veteran, vintage, classic, sporting and modified vehicles, as well as classic motorcycles, motoring memorabilia and numerical number plates.

The insurance firm is also one of Australia’s leading motorcycle insurance providers and supports more than 1,200 car and motorcycle enthusiast events throughout Australia every year. In addition, Shannons Insurance offers free membership to the Shannons Club – Australia’s largest online motoring enthusiast community.

Shannons insurance products are specially tailored to the needs of the motoring enthusiast – with features like limited use and club plate cover, laid-up cover for restorations, insurance for daily drives, as well as home and contents cover.

Who is the owner of Shannons Insurance?

Shannons Insurance is not owned by an individual but is part of Suncorp Network. Suncorp Group Limited is an Australian finance, insurance, and banking corporation based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is one of Australia’s mid-size banks (by combined lending and deposits) and its largest general insurance group formed on 1 December 1996 by the merger of Suncorp, Metway Bank and the Queensland Industry Development Corporation (QIDC).

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Suncorp covers nearly all areas in wealth and banking, including life insurance, general insurance, commercial insurance, Compulsory Third Party (CTP), banking, finance, superannuation agricultural banking and business banking, the notable exception being health insurance. It is the largest banking and insurance corporation headquartered in Brisbane.

Suncorp is the parent company of insurance company GIO, which is mainly used as a general insurance company representing Suncorp outside Queensland, offering similar products to the Suncorp branded insurance product in Queensland.

Suncorp trades under a number of brands, including AAMI, Apia, Shannons, InsureMyRide, Vero, Terri Scheer, Bingle, CIL and Tyndall insurance brands in Australia, and Vero, Asteron, Guardian Trust, Tyndall, Vero Liability, AA Insurance, SIS, CMV/AXIOM and Autosure brands in New Zealand. These assets were acquired with the Promina Group in 2007. Tal Australia purchased Asteron Australia from Suncorp in December 2018.

Shannons insurance products

Shannons insurance offers a variety of insurance options for peace of mind on the road, under your roof, and in your daily life. From vehicle, property, personal, business to financial, they have you covered.

Car Insurance: from vintage and veteran to classics, hot rods, modified and contemporary cars. No one knows your passion like Shannons.

Bike Insurance: whatever road bike you ride – sports, super sports, cruisers, tourers, and everything in between. No one knows your taste like Shannons.

Home and Contents Insurance: Shannons can protect your home as well as your car with Home & Contents policies tailored to the motoring enthusiast.

NSW CTP Green Slip Insurance

What is CTP Green Slip Insurance and what does it cover?

Compulsory Third Party (CTP) Insurance, also known as CTP Green Slip in NSW covers the liability of anyone driving your vehicle for injuries caused to others in a motor accident. It can also help you cover medical expenses, and offers up to six months of weekly payments for lost income if you’re injured in an accident that’s your fault. Visit the SIRA website for more information.

CTP is mandatory in NSW for all vehicles other than caravans and trailers and must be purchased before you can register your vehicle.

What’s covered by CTP?

Costs for which you’re liable if you, or someone driving your vehicle, injure someone else in a motor accident.

Medical expenses and a percentage of your pre-injury weekly income if you need time off work for up to six months, if you’re injured, regardless of fault (unless you are charged with a serious driving offense).

What’s not covered by CTP?

Damage to your vehicle.
Damage to other people’s vehicles and property.
Theft of your vehicle.

Shannons offers Car Insurance that will cover these scenarios and more. To learn more visit their car insurance page.

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