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“You can tell all the lies, but if the fundamentals of power supply are weak, dumsor will expose you”— Manasseh Azure

Award winning Investigative Journalist and anti corruption crusader; Manasseh Azure Awuni h as shaded the Akufo Addo led government over the unstable power situation in the country.

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For weeks now, Ghanaians have registered their frustrations about the power outages which is widely referred to us Dumsor Dumsor.

Even though The Government through its communicators has refused to admit that Dumsor is back, the situation seems to be getting worse every day with Gridco and ECG expected to publish a Dumsor time table in April.

VRA, ECG, GRIDCO have all said Dumsor is not back but the situation on grounds is different as power remains unstable for weeks now.

In 2016, Dumsor played a major part in the Presidential election which saw President Akufo Addo emerging as the winner.

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The then candidate Akufo Addo Made series of promises of which a stable power generation was part.

Former President Mahama at the time was tagged as incompetent for failing to solve the issue, even though the NDC also claimed they solved Dumsor before leaving power.

However, just after 4 years, Ghana seems to be back to square one as Power Outages which is locally referred to as Dumsor seems to be back in full force.

Manasseh Azure Who was critical of the Ndc Government over this same issue of Dumsor has thrown a shade at the Government saying, they made so much noise about the Dumsor but are been exposed by their own lies now.

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