Boyfriend: I left my girlfriend behind on top of a mountain


Jason* is a real sports lover. He likes to watch sports, but is also a fanatic mountaineer. His girlfriend Ann* is a bit less sporty, but one morning she decided to take up the challenge and go on a walk with Jason. Jason didn’t like the idea, but decided to give it a chance. Together they went out to climb a mountain, but unfortunately Jason’s suspicions came true.

“Sunday I climbed a mountain. The climb was easy to do, especially if you’re a little more experienced like me, but it still takes some time,” Jason begins his story. “I left early, so I would be back at one o’clock for a soccer game I couldn’t miss. When I got up that morning, my girlfriend suddenly said she wanted to join. I was surprised.” Jason’s girlfriend, Ann, has wanted to challenge herself for a long time, but Jason didn’t want to force her to come on one of his climbs.

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“Before I agreed that she could come along, I emphasized once more that it would be quite a challenge for her. I also told her that I would walk at a fast pace, because I had to be home in time for the race”. Jason offered to take a lighter walk together later that week so it was a bit more relaxed for Ann. “But she insisted on coming along and was confident she could keep up with me.”

So Jason took Ann to the mountain. “But of course it wasn’t like that,” Jason continues. “She fell right behind, before the real climb even started. I soon realized she wouldn’t be able to keep up and I offered to go back. I said we could try again later, at a quieter time. However, turning around wasn’t an option for Ann, she was convinced

she just needed to get used to the difference in altitude. “Nonsense of course, it took us more than two hours to climb to the top and she just begged for water along the way”.

It may have taken some effort, but the couple eventually reached the top. “At the top I told her that we would have to make the way down faster than up. Otherwise I’d miss the kick-off of the race”. Unfortunately, Jason’s remark wasn’t appreciated. “She got really pissed off and thought the race was more important to me than quality time with my girlfriend. That doesn’t make any sense of course, I told her clearly in advance. In fact, I was respectful enough to adjust my pace on the way up. That didn’t help though, Ann just got angrier. “She shouted all over the mountain that I might as well leave her up there”.

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Jaon was completely done with it. “I told Ann that the descent was easier and that there were enough people to help her when she needed it. Then I went down the mountain on my own. After Jason decided to leave his girlfriend at the top of the mountain and descend alone, he felt sorry. “I felt bad, so I waited for her in the car and watched the soccer game on my phone. She didn’t come down until the second half, which I pointed out to her as soon as she opened the door.

But Ann wouldn’t talk to me.” Jason realizes he made a mistake by leaving his girlfriend on top of the mountain. On the other hand, he warned his girlfriend several times in advance. On the forum he asks for advice about the situation. What would you do in Jason’s situation? Should he apologize to his girlfriend or was he in the right?

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