Father to be walks away from childbirth: “I couldn’t help anyway.”


It’s hard to imagine what it takes to give birth, if you’ve never experienced it. Feeling unprepared, expectant father Peter leaves the hospital while his wife gives birth to twins. Of course, this angered his wife …

“My wife Jessica* and I were expecting twins,” Peter begins his story on the forum. “On a Sunday evening around 6 pm the contractions started and we went to the hospital. It soon became very painful for Jessica: she practically squeezed the blood from my hand and almost vomited all over me.”

The labor continues for hours, and slowly it becomes Monday morning. Early that morning Peter receives a call from his father. “I work for my father’s company, and we had an important presentation to a few clients that Monday morning. My father called me to remind me to get ready for this appointment. I told him that Jessica was in labor, but my father thought I really should be present at that presentation.”

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Peter’s father then tries to reason with his son. “He said there was no way I could help my wife deliver, that the moment the baby ‘comes out’ is not as special as people lead you to believe, and that you are not prepared for ‘how bloody’ it is.” This makes Peter think. Labor takes a long time and the babies will probably need to be delivered with forceps. “I couldn’t help with that anyway, and my dad was counting on me. I told Jessica that I was going to work.”

It’s no big surprise that Jessica is upset upon hearing this message. Nevertheless, Peter leaves for work to give the important presentation. “If I had missed this meeting, I would have disappointed my father, and he has always given me everything, I wanted to be there for him. The presentation went very well. When I came out of the office, I saw a text message: Jessica had given birth.”

“Jessica is still furious with me for leaving her alone. But I am the only breadwinner and Jessica’s mother also thinks that Jessica is just very emotional. Jessica even says that she no longer sees me as her husband and is considering a divorce.” Jessica is obviously not the only one who finds Peter’s behavior unacceptable. “The woman you once promised that you would always be there for her experienced perhaps one of the most traumatic events of her life. Rather than supporting her, did you think it was more important to help your dad? Your wife and children should be able to count on you for support. They should be your priority,” says a reader on the forum.

In addition, many people express their opinion that Peter should have been there to support his wife. “While she was scared and in a lot of pain, you could have been there for her,” said one reader on the forum, a view expressed by many. “Jessica squeezed your hand very hard. Do you sometimes think that is comparable to the pain of childbirth?” another reader notes. Peter’s father is also under fire: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. You and your father are both completely wrong.” Do you also support Jessica and the readers on the forum?

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*Peter and Jessica are not the real names of these parents as the story was shared. You can also follow us on World Gossip Center, Trending group on Facebook

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