Brother Sammy Reveals The “Weird” Thing He Does Which is Sustaining His Marriage

There is generally that believe of Gospel musicians living certain code of life from secular musicians.

It is not about Brother Sammy, known for his controversial comment and conducts, the Kumasi Based gospel musician has opened up on what is sustaining his marriage all this while.

Brother Sammy has made the chilling revelation as to why his marriage has lasted this long with his wife unlike other gospel musicians marriage.

According to Brother Sammy the secrets that has kept his marriage to last for 10 years and counting is when on the night of their honeymoon, he gave his wife a good lick of her vagina.

Brother Sammy says when they were making love on their honeymoon his wife told him where she derives a lot of orgasm from and he duly obliged and gave her a clean sweep of pleasure with his tongue down there.

This he claims is what is keeping his marriage strong and healthy.