Brother Sammy Reveals Why Cecilia Marfo Slapped Him

Weeks after news broke that Gospel musician and Preacher Cecilia Marfo snatches microphone from Joyce Blessing asking her to go back to her husband, Brother Sammy who is also a gospel singer has opened up what led to he equally receiving slaps and humiliation from same Cecilia Marfo.

Brother Sammy made a shocking revelation about why he received some slaps from gospel songstress cum prophetess Cecilia Marfo.

According to Brother Sammy, his refusal to swallow the phlegm’s of Cecilia Marfo at her church premises infuriated Cecilia Marfo to slap him 6 times.

The incident which took place at Cecilia Marfo’s church Happened before Cecilia Marfo snatched microphone from Joyce Blessing weeks ago.

The slap she gave Brother Sammy at he time generated lots of conversati ons on social media after Brother Sammy alleged that the ‘slap’ was a plot to publicly disgrace him.

Brother Sammy has however described Cecilia Marfo as not a genuine prophetess and is possessed by evil spirits