Close down Schools, Churches now! – ‘Alarmed’ Franklin Cudjoe ‘barks’ at Akufo-Addo

Founder and President of IMANI Africa Franklin Cudjoe have asked the government of Ghana to close down schools and Churches and also halt all in-person conferences and meetings.

Currently, the number of active COVID-19 cases in Ghana stands at 3,613 with the country’s death toll now being 372.

The sudden spike has caused several experts and even the Ghana Medical Association to ask the government to institute a partial lockdown in order for the country to control the numbers and also avoid the spread.

Reacting to the rise in the numbers, Franklin Cudjoe has suggested that it’s imperative that government closes down schools and Churches.

To him, all these activities can be carried out online in order to protect the students and the populace.

He said “Charley brothers and sisters, the covid thing no be joke. Schools, Churches, mega meetings; all of them must be closed. TV and Online please until”