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Humm Finance

Humm Finance is a flexible loan scheme that allows you to buy products online and pay later. They have branches in Ireland, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the UK. They operate an online store where you buy the stuff.

How Hmm Finance Works

Humm Finance allows you to buy things on their online store and pay later. When you buy things below $500, you will not be charged with interest on your loan acquired during repayment. They also allow you to schedule your repay plan either every 2 weeks or monthly.

When your purchases exceed $30,000 or spend to that amount, you gey to choose a payment plan up to 6 years but this is only by certain retailers’ stores.

How to apply for Humm Finance

Humm Finance application is done online using their official portal. You will be required to fill out a processed form, however, some key requirements are:

  • ID Card
  • You should be over 18 years
  • You should be earning above $1000 per month

Step 1

You are required to enter your country’s mobile phone number.

Step 2

You will be taken to a page where you have to fill out the following:

  • Value of goods you wish to buy
  • Products or service you wish to to finance.
  • Employment and main source of income. They also required you to disclose whether you are employed full time, employed part time, director, student, retired, not empayed or benefits.
  • Relationship and dependents: Humm Finance will like to know whether you are single or married and number of dependents.

Step 3

You will be asked to fill out accommodation status and expenses that is monthly rents, mortgages, or boards. You will also provide details of your monthly household expenses. You enter a monthly total budget and other payments or financial obligations.

Step 4

In this section, you will be shown a form that requires you to fill out your Name. Gender, Email, Mobile phone number, Date of birth, PSS number, Citizenship status, Length of time in your country e.g Ireland, Current Address, Residential status, and agreed to their terms and conditions.

When you are done you will receive a consent code. it is to acknowledge that you just applied for Humm Finance loan.

Humm Contact

You can cal Humm contact service on (01) 9601601 or reach them using their online contact form.

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