Man photographs pregnant wife and sees something unbelievable in the background

If you are pregnant or if your partner is expecting, you probably want to capture this moment. Father-to-be Dave felt the same way and took a photo of his pregnant wife. At first, it just looked like a beautiful photo of his wife, but then the couple discovered something special in the background.

Now, a pregnancy is something special in the first place. But the photo taken by Dave shows something else that is very unique. And we are not talking about the beautiful beach where his wife is posing r adiantly with her baby belly.

One day, the heavily pregnant Angeline Mozer and her partner Dave decided to go to the beach to take some beautiful photos. The soon-to-be-parents had a lovely day and after the shoot, they wanted to go for a swim and have some lunch.

Dave had his camera in his hands and was ready to take a picture of his pregnant wife. Was she standing the right way? Did the sea and the beach make a good backdrop? Ready? Say cheese! And just after the click of the camera, the couple heard a splash in the water. Angeline could not see what it was and Dave was not sure either.

Luckily, with digital photography you can easily and quickly see what you have captured on camera. The couple looked at the photos they had just taken and saw that there was a dolphin in the photographs! It was as if the dolphin knew exactly when to jump out of the water. The very moment Angeline smiles to the camera, the dolphin emerges out of the sea. What a beautiful shot!

Watch the photo below.