Shatta Wale sets new records with Hajia Bintu in 6 days

Africa Dancehall King Shatta Wale, Who released the much awaited music video on Friday,December 25, 2020. The music video has broken major records in terms of views in Ghana. The said music video titled Hajia Bintu which is the same name as the TikTok star (Hajia Bintu) as he featured Ara-B and Captan.

In the song/video, Shatta Wale talked about meeting Hajia Bintu on Instagram. The song was a dedication to TikTok Star Hajia Bintu

. The music video which was released not long ago has gradually settled and becoming a nationwide hit with it’s visuals to compliment it as well.

The Hajia Bintu song basically talks about the TikTok star, and how Shatta Wale and his friends(Ara-b and Captan) have been trying to win her over through social media. From the video, Hajia Bintu is seen flaunting her superstar curvy shape and huge backside.

Records set by the Music Video in Ghana

  • The video hit over 80,000 views within 8 hours of upload on Youtube with 9000 likes and 170 dislikes.
  • The first Ghanaian produced music video to hit over 1 million views on Youtube in 6 days.
  • No International Collaborations and still got 1 million views in 6 days
  • The first dedication song in Ghana to hit over 1 million views on Youtube in Ghana.
  • The first dedication music video to trend number 1 on Youtube with over 1 million views in Ghana.

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Shatta Wale recently visited the Volta Region to Performance under the Hon.John Peter Amewu victory Concert in Hohoe. During Shatta Wale’s performance at the concert, the fans started chanting Hajia Bintu, which compelled him to perform the latest jam from his camp for the first time after the released of the song.

Check below the Hajia Bintu trending shots on Youtube



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