“You were Advised Against The Lady You Left Your Wife For But You Didn’t Listen”— A Plus to Eugene Arhin

As controversy surrounding Eugene Arhin and his marriage continues, what could be described as secrets in the whole issue keeps popping up.

Kwame A Plus have opened up to some interesting twist to the issue.
In a Facebook post, A Plus stated that a senior official in the NPP government advised Eugene Arhin against one Chantelle Kujawu but instead of Eugene Arhin refused to listen.

A Plus in the post alleged that Eugene Arhin rather recorded the private conversation he had with the senior official of the Nana Addo government to send it to the said side chick of his in this brouhaha.

Note that in the divorce claims by the wife of Eugene Arhin she cited Chantelle Kujawu as one lady her husband Eugene Arhin is having affairs with.

It was this same Chantelle Kujawu Who was alleged to have leaked the bedroom picture of National Security Minister Kan Dapaah in what become the pyjamas challenge on social media.