“Ghanaian Bloggers Only Interested In Negative News”—Salma Mumin

Actress and Socialite Salma Mumin has condemned how fast negative news travel in Ghana Than impacting stories.
Appearing as a guest on Utv Saturday night Entertainment show hosted by Nana Ama Mcbrown monitored by www.GhanaAfricaNews.Com, Salma said it cannot be their fault as celebrities when all bloggers do in Ghana is to dwell on negative news.

This was in reaction to a question posed to her and Hajia4Real who was also on the show by the host Nana Ama Mcbrown That why are both Socialite(Salam and Hajia4Real) particular about going nude on social media and if that does not affect their association with brands because they advertise for products.

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In response to the question, Salma Mumin said there were times she shared her businesses on her page but had low reaction and no blogger made news out of it but the moment she goes nude it breaks the Internet with many publications on portals. She asked why can’t News makers use same energy they use in broadcasting negative news in pushing positive news?

Citing an example of how bloggers are mainly to be blamed for negative news because they feed the public with contents, she recounted how she went to a jewelry shop owned by her friend and had a ring from the shop on her fingers to promote it only for some bloggers to pick the news that she was lacking boyfriend so she bought a ring for herself.

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In reaction to the dressing, Hajia4Real also stated that she wear what she feels comfortable with and if people are seeing that in negative perspective, that cannot be her problem because she never asked anyone to copy her style.
Salma Mumin added that the very people who critique their style of dressing have their mothers and sisters dressing same as they do.

“When I go to saloon, I see successful women in shorts even with their children around in equally exposing dresses, they are happy about it but the moment Salma wear same it become news” she said 

The only difference is that because those successful women are not are not celebrities, nobody hear of them even if they run naked on the streets hence they(celebrities) cannot be blamed for choosing to appear a certain way or live a certain lifestyle because aside the fame, they have their private lives to also focus on.

Source: Ghana Africa News