Shatta Wale and Road construction workers clashes as Nima boys comes to rescue(Video)

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Shatta Wale who just returned from America after a successful music trip has found himself in a newly controversy. The dancehall artiste was prevented from taking a route which is still under construction and all he could do was go in for his boys to beat workers at the construction site.

In a video sighted by on twitter, it can be seen the boys clearly as the boys started beating the workers and surprisingly you could see the dancehall artiste insulting the workers whilst his boys beat them.

A twitter user posted “Road constructers dey site dey work, Dem no Wan allow SHATTA WALE make he pass the road top cos of the work they’re doing, There norr opana vex go carry Nima boys come beat the workers for site. Shameful act !! who does that?  You wan take this act take grammy’s? LMAO JON MAN”.

Watch the video below:

Is it one of his ways to create controversies to promote his up coming album? This behavior is unacceptable if it’s really true.