“Ayisha Modi and Shatta Wale’s First Baby Mama are Lesbian Partners”— Magdalene Love drops bombshell


Magdalene Love the lady Ayisha Modi accussed did threesome with musician Shatta Wale has also decided to go on the offensive by spilling some real fire.

In a Facebook live video in response to Ayisha Modi’s accusation the supposed “Cousin” of Shatta Wale said she knew Shatta Wale when she was just 13 years old and was spending her money to buy food for the popular musician even before he became a music icon.

Magdalene said all this brouhaha is centered on one lady whose name she gave as “Sister” the first baby mama of Shatta Wale.
Magdalene revealed that both Sister is the lesbian partner of Ayisha Modi and knows the “dirty” stuff they do.

She has dared Ayisha Modi to choose a venue so they meet woman to woman to settle the score by fist because she’s not a social media person to be exchanging salvos on social media.

She finally asked if she’s having threesome with Shatta Wale and so what ?
“You know the number of people wey Dey do threesome for Accra here? You wey be lesbobo saf you happy about am. Make you no try me because if you do you go run for Accra” Magdalene Love said in the video

Credit: Celebrities Buzz