Government To Cancel Monthly Salary Scheme In Ghana

In an era where the world is facing difficulties due the pandemic. This is the right time the government can use to ease the burdens on citizens by cancelling monthly salary scheme.

Head of Research at, Dr. Gossip have hinted that there is a petition in line to the Presidency to implement a policy that will let companies in Ghana to reduce monthly salary scheme in the country to two weeks payments. As the country Ghana is about to celebrate it’s 64th Anniversary of Independence, this policy will be one of the greatest achievement to the good people of Ghana if implemented.

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According to Dr. Gossip, Ghanaians are going through a lot in the informal sector especially so this policy will help reduce stress, frustration, financial constrains, and accommodations. It will also reduce the time taken one has to raise an amount of money to cater for his/her family needs and other emergencies.

Key Points of the Petition will based on the following scenarios

  • Most companies pay their workers between 300-700 cedis a month.
  • Rent is high and it deprive alot of vulnerable people from proper accommodations.
  • Most Companies with the capacity of employing over 100 workers are all centered in the Capital City, Accra. This has left a huge increase in Goods and Services in the Capital City in all sector e.g. Transport, Road Constructions, Education, Health, and Financial Accessibility leaving the other regions with no other choice but to migrate to Accra for greener pastures.

He also noted that Lawyers will be brought on board to help draft a good petition about the cancelling of monthly salary scheme in all sector. When asked when the petition will be submitted, He said the Nana Addo lead Government is now appointing it’s cabinet ministers and the court is yet to clarify the election results it will be difficult to submit a petition now.

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What if the Government refuse your petition? He said, President Nana Addo made a promise that “Sika Beba Obiaa Botom” meaning Every citizen will enjoy some form of financial stability so i think the Good people of Ghana who abide by the freedom and Justice will help mourn pressure on any government to implement it.

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If you want government to cancel monthly salary scheme please share this article so it get to the right authorities before we submit our petiton.